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How our Repair process works / FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

  1. How long will it take to repair my TV?
    1. Our standard turnaround time is 1 to 5 business days. This can be impacted by replacement part lead-time, and availability. With our Free loaner program, you will not be without TV!
  2. What kind of loner TV will I get?
    1. Pending approval and a hold on your credit card for the loaner value, we will provide a LCD HDTV usually 32” to 47” depending on your needs.
  3. What if I can not bring my TV to your facilities?
    1. We do offer an optional pick-up and delivery service to a limited coverage area. We will bring the TV loaner to your location, and pick up the defective TV. After your TV is repaired, we will return it and pick-up the loaner TV (EASY). The cost of this service is $39.99
  4. What if I want o buy / keep the loaner?
    1. This is simple, contact us to let us know, and we will charge your credit card the sales price of the loaner TV.
  5. Are all TV's repairable?
    1. Most TV's can be fixed, but there are certain failure types that make the repair un-economical. Broken LCD panels, or other LCD panel defects are typically cost prohibitive.
  6. Should I repair my broken TV or go ahead and replace it with a new one ?
    1. There are many factors that you should consider when deciding to repair or replace consumer electronics. See our blog on this subject coming soon on this page.

We make it convenient: 4 easy steps

  1. Fill out our on-line estimate form to get started (receive our low cost estimate)
  2. Schedule appointment to bring in the broken set
  3. Drop off TV and pick up a loaner TV (subject approval and CC hold)
  4. Exchange the loaner for your repaired TV

Upon completion of the repair, we will contact you for exchange of the loaner for your repaired TV. You can keep tabs on the repair process via our website.